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Voice Healing 


How often do we think that, when born, first we breathe, then we sing and finally we speak?

Babies cry after their 1st breath… their first sounds resemble long-winded musical tunes…maaa…. muuuu… and later they start speaking words and phrases.

The human need for singing is innate, as it causes happiness and relief.

 And that's how we get to Voice Healing!


Vocal sounds as a healing instrument resonate within our body, allowing for a constant interaction of biochemicals and cell receptors.

Sound is actually a form of energy and, like any energy, can affect how cell receptors receive information.

Sound waves influence our neuropeptides, the brain chemicals that act as couriers between the mind and the immune system.

Having that in mind we begin to understand why sound vibrations are important tools for healing.



«The sound is the source of all manifestation»

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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