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Breathing offers quality in your life! The breath shields us!

I firmly believe that we are all entitled and deserve quality in our lives. And quality can be found  in the simple things (but at the same time wonderful), in the small things (that are actualy quite big), in what we share and unites us… the air, the oxygen, the right breath for all of us. In other words, I wish to teach people to breathe again…


Breathing, this basic and uninterrupted function of all the creatures, not only supplies the body with oxygen, but can clear the mind, strengthen the body and mind, improve sleep, facilitate digestion, boost the body's immune system, help build antibodies, reduce stress levels and arm the body, keeping it healthy and resistant to disease. Improved and proper breathing helps in better absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body.

With the breath we inhale the air and it circulates throughout the body, to oxygenate it. It is important to breathe properly, so that the body functions correctly, oxygenates and cleanses, as defined by nature.

Many of us today, due to unbearable stress, enter the state of hyperventilation, inhaling much more oxygen than our body needs. The result is a disruption of the balance of basic gases, oxygen and carbon dioxide, with harmful effects on health.

The proper breathing exercises and the oxygenation of the organism:

• Reduces stress

• The toxicity of the body is significantly diminished

• The quality of sleep is restored

• Improves digestion and digestive function

• Improves cardiovascular health

• Blood pressure is regulated

• Cognitive skills and concentration are improved

• The skin becomes (and looks) healthy and radiant

• Inflammations in the body are reduced

• It fights sinusitis

• Strengthens joints, muscles and the body in general

• The lungs are strengthened, stimulated and shielded

• Improves body alignment

• The chances of stroke and heart attack are drastically reduced.


Breathing techniques distribute properly the amount of oxygen in the body and thus expel waste and toxins. Just 2 minutes of proper breathing is enough for the practitioner to properly filter and purify his blood, but also to adequately oxygenate every cell. But how many of us know the beneficial function of carbon dioxide in the body? How many of us know the equally beneficial effect of nitric oxide (NO) on the body? There is a reason for calling it "the molecule of life". Healthier functional organs improve our immune system. Pure and oxygenated blood fights infectious bacteria and viruses. But, by breathing incorrectly, we block oxygen and it is never released into the blood.

In the breathing technique sessions, the trainee will have the opportunity to learn about the function of proper breathing, to strengthen the vital capacity of the lungs, to learn breathing techniques that will ensure quality life and will strengthen the immune system.


Proper breathing is a great tool in strengthening our immune system against any virus, and therefore against the pandemic.

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