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What is YogaYourVoice

Gina Poulou

YogaYourVoice completes the singer/actor/performer voice-wise. It also leads everyone to discover and consolidate their authentic, solid and stable voice. Simple yoga postures combined with voice technique spearhead creativity in the performing arts and everyday life, as 21st-century pedagogical theory confirms.

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The YogaYourVoice trainee discovers his/her true voice and expression, elements that are linked to the body’s seven (7) energy centers, the chakras. Blocked chakras are responsible for the instability of the voice and/or the tuning, the fear of the stage (but also the fear of exposure in general), the insecurity, the agility of the voice, the emotional distancing in expression, the difficulty of obtaining information, the confusion, the inspiration, etc.. Regardless of the voice, blocked chakras are responsible for any type of emotional abnormalities and situations.
YogaYourVoice acts as an educational tool. By combining a series of simple yoga postures, proper breathing, vocal exercises and a variety of therapeutic vocal practicing (vibrations), YogaYourVoice releases the voice, awakens the self-awareness of the trainee, activates the chakras so that he/she feels secure, complete and ready to conquer the stage and /or his/her professional arena.

 It’s a fun body and voice game, with spectacular results.

Did you know that...

…your 2nd chakra is responsible for the choking you feel in your neck while singing or speaking?

… when singing does not come as fluently and naturally as talking, it is because of blockings you can easily overcome, whatever your body characteristics may be?

…the agility of your voice is reliant on your 3rd chakra?

…vocal instability and artistic insecurity are associated with inactive 1st chakra?

The above and many more are easily and effectively solved with YogaYourVoice.
With YogaYourVoice, you can safely be playful with your voice, and it is a pleasure and much fun!

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